Xentiel> is there any discord server for this? [02/28 22:33(]
Kamekaze> I recognize some names I haven't seen in a decade :( Hello Hyper! I too miss the board days... [02/21 23:56(]
ji oh> Has anyone tried playing 13k on virtual box? [08/05 16:34(]
geo> I tried using a virtual machine but that did't work either [08/03 17:51(]
geo> yeh i want to oplay the new versions too. with the sniper [08/03 17:51(]
Paulo> 22 of July 2022. I remembered this game some days ago and I want to play it now. I donwloaded it, but I'm still trying to solve some errors that appear [07/23 10:00(]
Valgus> Anyone have helldiver450's email? He made a zone of the enders game but his links are down... [05/01 14:24(]
Mister Y> Also, what's Teshima's Twitter, if it's public? I wanna see what he's up to [05/30 18:30(]
Mister Y> Man, I can't believe i remembered this game's name. We ought to get a Discord Server or a messageboard of some sort. Also, does Teshima have a Patreon or anything similar? [05/30 18:29(]
Hyper> I. Wish. We. Could. Have. A board. To communicate again [05/28 13:55(]
Hyper> Shunny wouldn稚 approve. My account. On the. New. Board :( [05/28 13:55(]
Henry> well....Im surprise that people remember this game today [04/10 00:41(]
Flowrellik> There has to be a way to get this game back online with win10.. I miss playing this game. [03/29 13:41(]
Helldiver450> It's been a long time. I miss playing this game online [03/21 01:40(]
S-2K> Heya. New player here...Well, I would be if the game still worked on W10. Has someone found a solution yet? [02/18 18:40(]
Valgus> I'm a fairly decent player from the old days of SK and I'm always down for battles with this good old nostalgic Arena [01/29 08:35(]
Eater> Damn, people are still messaging to this day! [09/20 01:13(]
SilverFlow> ... [08/04 18:04(]
noise> hello there is this game still alive? i want to learn how to play online this freeware [05/19 11:35(]
Onyx> Hi [05/19 03:09(]
Onyx> Hi [05/19 03:08(]
zyjex> wish someone can find a solution to the not-being-able-to-play-on-win10 problem. [02/10 09:10(]
hyper> :( [10/21 10:09(]
hypernova> holy shit this is still alive after all these years? same ppl? [10/17 05:33(]
Merengil> Guys we should make a Discord server to play this game [10/11 06:17(]
Flowrellik> I do havea problem with silver knights. It seems playing on windows 10 seems impossible. Something dealing with the Timer-API hook detected. [09/24 15:32(]
Flowrellik> Man Im surprised this is still alive. [09/24 15:30(]
ShunnymanAF> I'm also still alive. Damn to think that I started this game 14 years ago [06/27 03:04(]
A> Alive [06/24 03:04(]
zyjex> add me too please #9397 [06/01 20:19(]


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