Onyx> Hi [03/06 20:00(]
Kamekaze> if there's a SK discord add me I'm Kamekaze #6216 [01/08 11:59(]
Saber > you have simple wars 1.01 link? X'D [09/21 08:52(]
Saber > hello? [09/21 08:39(]
horus> heyy Teshima can you re-upload SK-Ver0.05D1.zip?? thank you!! [07/27 21:07(]
horus> Hey! [07/27 21:06(]
YF-19> I can't find that old YouTube video. There's a new sk olympus forum at sko.freeforums.net/ [05/30 11:41(]
Kamekaze> who me? they still exist iirc. There's a chance it may got got blocked by music claims tho. Even the old forum is literally dead forever [05/29 06:46(]
YF-19> yea, I'm a rusty old man now. what happened to the old youtube video you uploaded btw? [05/18 14:51(]
Kamekaze> Holy shit it's still here... we're all so old now.. [05/18 12:34(]
YF-19> why don't you try joining using my ipaddress shown here? [05/04 11:55(]
YF-19> still can't join test game [05/04 11:53(]
ShunnymanAF> okay [05/04 11:40(]
ShunnymanAF> olay [05/04 11:40(]
Zeomn> nope [05/04 11:39(]
ShunnymanAF> Looks like it aint working [05/04 11:38(]
Zeomn> ok [05/04 11:36(]
ShunnymanAF> I'll try hosting [05/04 11:36(]
ShunnymanAF> No luck [05/04 11:35(]
Zeomn> couldn't join [05/04 11:35(]
YF-19> try the game i made w/out hamachi [05/04 11:34(]
ShunnymanAF> Aint working [05/04 11:01(]
Geo> ok cool I joined up and made a post in the forum [04/30 12:50(]
YF-19> yes, I'm using hamachi. I've posted the login/pass in Keep This Thread Active in the forum. Does Sunday night work for you? I haven't been free the past Saturdays myself [04/28 09:16(]
geo> Sick!! I won't be free on saturday nights, but maybe on the weekends! are you using vpn or something? [04/27 14:58(]
YF-19> you still on? I've played sk on US Eastern Time Saturday nights the past few weekends except last weekend and this one. I'll probably be on tomorrow evening US Eastern time. I posted on olympus forum on keep this thread active [04/15 13:52(]
GEO> I want to play SK... Anyone out there? [04/15 05:01(]
Zeomn> holy cow, this is actually still up! [12/19 13:23(]
Valgus> Alright . Joined! [12/06 04:00(]
Valgus> Alright . Joined! [12/04 14:53(]


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